Kids in disguise

I turned 33 a month ago. People told me that after my 20s the world would be different, that it would be too late to start something new. So far I don’t see much difference between by 20s and my 30s except that it takes me a little more time to adjust if I mess with my sleep time. Apart from that I’m really happy to be in my 30s.

The thing is I don’t really know if I’m an adult yet. A friend told me 5 years ago that I was living like a college kid because I was going to a Metallica show. I was 28 and honestly most of the people at the show were older than me. I mean, it was Metallica so I guess it was normal. But for my friend going to a concert was a college kid thing, I was 28 I should have stayed home and put some Ikea furniture together like a good 28 year old adult.

I suck at adulthood. I have to admit it. Nobody told me what it is. And I don’t think anybody really knows either.

It’s this thing: you spend around 20 years being treated like a kid – because it takes 20 years to be ready for the complicated world we have created – and then… ta da!… you are an adult. Since all you know is being told what to do like a kid, you continue to listen to what you are told like a kid. You work for a company where teachers are replaced by managers, you consume cultural products that are said to be good for you, etc… In fact adult life is really similar to a kid life without the fun. But you think you are an adult so it seems that everything is A-ok.

I would like to think it’s conspiracy but it’s not, that politicians put us in a box. But It’s not that, it’s just laziness. We don’t want to explore what is possible because it might be uncomfortable. Fuck that!… Kids don’t care to fall, open a knee and bleed. They know they won’t die from what they try and that yes it might hurt but at least they experience something. But us, “adults”, we are so stubborn. We think we get it, when we don’t have a fucking clue. And that’s what prevents us from trying new things.

The conspiracy is just in your head. The conspiracy is your excuse because you don’t want to get up and do something. The world is made a certain way but it’s just a limited perception. There is much much more possibilities outside of the spectrum of the world you accept to see. And yes it is just your will to see more that will make the difference, nothing else.

If there is something that would make us adults, it would be the ability we have to think like innocent kids and imagine new alternatives to our world. It would be to remove the layers of illusions and assumptions we’ve built up over time. This is what matters: to keep this inside light shining and to not worry about being conform to what have been taught.

So what could you start with. If you were a 6 year old kid right now… What would you do? What question would you ask?

Photo by joeflintham.