Playing idiots

There is this trend that is semi-popular among personal development bloggers: some of us are awake and others are zombies. From my experience if I tend to think that someone is a zombie it’s probably that I missed something. Everybody has something great to share. Not seeing that is actually a sign that you don’t see others for what they really are.

That being said, many people are idiots. I’m probably the worst idiot I know. I’m naive, I make very stupid decisions, I miss huge opportunities all the time, I can be extremely awkward in social events and despite all this, I continue to believe I am a smart guy. Pretty funny, but I’m okay with all this. I’m at ease with being an idiot.

Not always though… I’m not okay with pretending I’m an idiot. And I feel I consciously play the idiot because this is what everybody does.

For example: I know that many businesses put profits before the quality of their products/ services. This is no surprise. But sometimes it is so obvious that they use their customer’s lack of intelligence to make more money that I have to question if they care even a little about them. This is what I saw earlier today in a Metro supermarket in Montreal.


You don’t need to speak french to get it. But if despite this really easy translation issue, you still don’t get it then you are like all the people who bought this tropical juice (there was none left). This means that there is a significant part of Metro customers that can’t multiply 1.25 by 4. Or they simply didn’t pay attention and trusted that this supermarket act for their best interest.

Sweet! This business that has absolutely no remorse to sell us tomatoes that taste like water, OGMs that we don’t have a clue if they are good or bad for us, expired meat covered with barbecue sauce and  plastic containers made in factories that barely respect human rights is probably trying to help me save money because its management cares for me!

I’m one of those naive guys… This is what I mean when I say I’m really an idiot. I wish businesses like this one tried to not insult my intelligence and tried more subtle marketing campaigns. But it works and nobody cares, so why not take the opportunity, right?

What terrifies me is that we still buy most of our food in stores like this one, that we continue to support a system that we know is wrong simply because it’s a pain to deal with smaller, honest but more expensive businesses. We are lazy and we are cheap ; that’s why we are okay with playing idiots. 

So you can continue to do that and blame it on the “system”. But in the end, the system is not the cause, you are because you are maintaining the status quo.

If you see me pretending to be an idiot again, please kick me in the balls.