I can’t take this shit anymore


Last week, one of my facebook friend (whom I could call an acquaintance more than a friend) posted a racist meme on his wall. This day when I opened my news feed I saw this image saying that basically Muslims are all terrorists in disguise (and it was trying to be funny and clever but it was really not). It’s not the first time this guy posts shit like this but usually I see it and I don’t do anything except this time I couldn’t take it and I surprised myself : I told him he was a fucking jackass.

Most people usually don’t do anything in this case . They probably disagree with this kind of statement but they just take it in and it stays somewhere inside them until they start to think it’s normal. It’s probably what happened to this guy: he got used to certain situations and thinks that it’s funny to discriminate a whole culture because he has simply become a douchebag. And most people don’t react because they think it’s ok to express yourself like this about others because … I don’t know… just take a look at how TV and movies depict other cultures: they’re either evil or cute and innocent poor bastards.

I’m probably dumb for realizing this now: all of us are genuinely good persons but we absorb so many tensions that we’re becoming someone else. People are not really happy but they don’t know why and in fact it’s simple: they are just dealing with too many tensions! There is nothing new here, reacting is normal… you probably think you act when in fact you react to something (I’m hungry –> I need food –> I need money –> I’m working). So why not extending this and get cleared of all tensions?

  • Someone post a racist meme, I clearly comment back to tell him that he’s a fucking racist and I block him… I don’t want see more of this shit.
  • Yesterday I’ve been yelled at by a driver who thought it was appropriate to tell “I’m going to kill you fucker!” because I was in front of him with my bike and he couldn’t pass me. So I answered to him… in the same tone. I think he will remember it.
  • I see people asking for change, I give them some change. 

Every of these actions have an incredible impact on my well-being. I thought my journey to self-realization or whatever was to be quiet but in fact I was not being quiet I was being passive. I was just accumulating tensions in silence. I don’t find any peace in this. Peace comes from rebalancing your tensions. And yes this is extremely selfish. That means that ultimately you help others because you feel uneasy seeing them suffering (and you don’t want to feel uneasy). Or you’re being really strong with someone because he’s being an asshole and it makes you feel bad. Yes, it’s extremely selfish but any kind of action is ultimately really selfish, you have to accept it.

My quest is to find and work on who I truly am and accumulating more tensions is just making it more difficult. I can’t take that shit anymore.

What tensions are you getting used to? How do you compensate for them?

What are the ones you have to deal with?