Fuck the F-word


It’s nice to not really be an English speaker because I can say “Fuck” and if people are offended they can still think “it’s okay, he’s French and he’s a little stupid like French people are“. But anyway, I’m not that stupid and “fuck” is my favorite english word. (I know I’m a yogi, I should say my favorite word is “Bliss” or “Lotus”… But no, it’s “Fuck”) The sound of it… It ‘s powerful… I was reading about its etymology and it’s kind of hard to trace… It’s like one of these words that literally sounds like what it means. It couldn’t be something else.

So when I talk naturally, without trying to censor myself I usually say “Fuck” quite often, not a lot but often. It’s like in French I say a lot of “putain”, “merde” or “enculé”. I don’t know why… Perhaps I have childhood problem I haven’t dealt with yet or perhaps I don’t think it’s impolite or vulgar either, because it’s not. There’s much more vulgarity in many politically correct expressions and falsely polished ideas. I mean, just watch the news…

But what I feel really impolite is: the “F-word” or “F*ck” or “F%*!”. Why do people say/write that? I see it everywhere on Facebook or in emails, twitter. Why? Seriously, everybody knows that you mean “Fuck”. Kids know it, they are not stupid… Your Mom knows it too. So why are you doing it?

And you want to know what is even more fucked up? It’s that you actually don’t say it so you feel good about supposedly being polite. But when I read it I think “ah yes, he means ‘fuck’…” and you make me say it for you. You are not doing anything but you make me swear in my head and I’m supposed to feel bad about it since you censor yourself because swearing is wrongHow twisted is that? When I think about it it gives me headaches…

So next time you write “F*ck” and you think you’re so clever, just go back and write “Fuck” for real (or don’t at all!) and stand for what you say. It’s not a big thing really but it’s a little step towards being more aligned with who you are (even it’s about saying “fuck”).

Thank you… sincerely!