Different paths

I went to see the Avett Brothers, 2 days ago. I’m not really a fan of theirs, but we had a friend who had tickets and couldn’t go… So we went.

I always feel good in concert venues. I don’t really know why. Perhaps it’s the crowd energy. I guess this why for a period of my life all my budget was dedicated to going to all the concerts I could technically go to. Or perhaps this is why I feel good in concert halls. Because I’m really familiar with them and they just feel like home.

But anyway, the Avett Brothers is not really my kind of music. I’m more an electro/hip-hop kind of guy, that’s it.

So why did I like this show so much? Seriously, I want to listen to the Avett Brothers all the time now, what is happening to me?

This is the answer: this concert opened a little door inside me. And ideas started pouring. This is how I felt during the whole show.



I figured out so many things and came up with so many new concepts, I had to take some notes on my phone when we went out of the concert venue. In fact, I really needed to step into this zone that I’m not familiar with. Simply because this is not me. And I need to extend my parameters, otherwise I get stuck.

And you know what? This happened when I went to see this impressionism exhibition, when I went to this chamber of commerce social event I really didn’t want to go to or when I visited the house of Green Gables… All of these, I was really not interested in.

Every time I experiment something really different from what I’m used to, every time I meet people who are really different form the people who are close to me, this same feeling happens.

That’s how creativity works. When I just listen to same music, when I read the same authors, when I spend time with the same friends, nothing really important happens.

Innovating ideas won’t come to you magically. The only way to have a fresh vision is to experience something really different as often as you can. You probably feel it’s not interesting, that it’s wasted time but it will extend your parameters. If others are curious about it there must be a reason. Different paths exist but we are often too stubborn to see them. If you’re an explorer, you need to experiment them too. Understanding why these paths exist will make you more curious. And also you will learn how others see the world.

And this is how you will figure out your path.

Later this week I will visit an architecture exhibition. I don’t know much about it.

It seems boring. That’s exactly what I need.