What is Ananda?

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[UPDATE: the app is now available on the iphone app store. You can get it here.]

Ok, I’m super excited! It’s time to talk to you about my latest project…

I may already have talked about it with some of you. Actually the facebook page and the website have been online for a couple of weeks now, so if you saw them you probably know already. And since many of you are interested and asked me questions, I’ve decided to go a little more in details before the project goes live.

For starters, Ananda is the first iphone app I’ve conceived and distributed by myself… And this is just the starting point to many evolutions around this concept.

This project comes from an issue I’m having every day: I’m always looking for the calm I need to work, focus or even sleep efficiently. And it’s not always easy: I’m always interrupted by some exterior stimuli when I’m working in a café or even at home when my neighbours decide to listen to an extra loud track from Skrillex. I also spend a good amount of time in public transportation and it seems like a lot of wasted time I could use to relax or meditate. And I’m not even talking about social media… I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in this case, right?

Actually I need serenity whatever my environment is. The answer is Ananda, my personal sound sanctuary that helps me to reach this serenity where and when I want. And I sure hope Ananda will become your sanctuary too!

Every time you use it, Ananda generates a fresh soundtrack made of natural sounds, mantras, zen gongs and much more… And on top of that a binaural program of your choice helps you to reach the state of mind you wish, whether focused or meditative mood (and much more other ones…).

If you wonder what a binaural program is: it’s a group of sound artifacts which train your brain to reach a desired state of mind. These sounds are actually made of two distinct frequencies played in each of your ears. The difference between these frequencies helps your brain to reach a desired working frequency. For example if a 200Hz frequency is played in one ear and a 205Hz frequency is played in your other ear, the perceived “beat” would be 5Hz and your brain will try to synchronize with this particular frequency which is associated with a meditative state.

Ananda has a new approach: it generates tailor-made binaural tones depending on the duration of your session and the program you choose. The background sounds are selected randomly so you never hear the exact same session twice. Every time you use Ananda you’ll hear something new and fresh.

I worked hard to make this app as efficient as possible. It’s as simple as this : plug in your earphones, choose your program and enter your personal sanctuary wherever you are: in the metro, in a café, at the office or at home.

But here you go, an example is better than a long description. Here is a small excerpt of what Ananda sounds like:

Ananda will be soon released on the Apple App Store (the app has been sent to Apple and is being reviewed). The full version will be sold for 2,99$ (2,39€). Seriously, this is the price a cup of coffee and you will be able to access the app when you want from your iphone for as long as you want.

New sounds will be added to subsequent updates so you can get even more original sound backgrounds in the future (of course, updates come at no cost).

I’m also working on a free version if you want to test the app before buying it (and trust me, so far all the early testers loved it).

If you want more information, visit the Ananda website and like the facebook page.

And talk about it around you, it really helps… Thanks a lot, really!

If you still have questions, leave a comment or send me an email. I’ll be happy to answer you 🙂

ps: for all of you who helped me, supported me, gave me ideas during the programming of this app, for all the testers who helped me find the bugs in the app: I can’t thank you enough! Without you this project would never have worked out… And special thanks to Julien from Appartement 303 who particularly helped me to make the interface smooth and simple to use. Seriously the app looks awesome!

ps2: Best wishes for a peaceful and successful new year to all of you!

[UPDATE: the app is now available on the iphone app store. You can get it here.]